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Article: What the heck is a bath bomb???

What the heck is a bath bomb???

What the heck is a bath bomb???

What the Heck is a Bath Bomb??                    

Bath Bombs are a fragrant concoction of delightful skin-loving products blended together to assist in soothing your skin, relaxing your muscles and mind, and pampering your skin with softening ingredients offering a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. They are single-use bath products available in multiple shapes and sizes to aid in adding fragrance and moisturizing oils that release as the tub fills.

What’s in a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are a measured combination of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid which emits a fizzy effect when added to the bathwater. The skin magic happens as you relax while soaking in the bathtub experiencing the skin smoothing effects of the baking soda, citric acid, and skin-loving oils and butter all while watching the fizzing effects of the bath bomb as it releases the fragrance and colors while breaking apart.

What are the benefits?

A wonderful addition to your self-care routine should include soaking in the tub while a bath bomb releases the fizzy magic of citric acid. You get to experience the heavenly scents reminiscent of a relaxing spa experience while the citric acid helps to loosen damaged layers of skin. Bath oils used in crafting bath bombs are oils known for increasing exposure to vitamins and minerals aiding in helping the skin stay supple and soft. Lounging in a warm bath for 20 minutes or more has been long prescribed to help with relaxing, loosening tight and sore muscles, relieving tension and detoxing the skin and body with the assistance of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). When I use bath bombs, I enjoy the fragrance of the bomb, the warm caress of the water, the soft silkiness of the oils released into the water as well as the serine colors released into the tub. The warm fragrant waters help me to relax, the scents fill the bathroom and the ingredients help my skin detox and hydrate while I sit back and relax. Using bath bombs helps the skin detox, soften and remove dirt and oil buildup.


How to use a Bath Bomb?

Bath Bombs add a relaxing dynamic to your bath time. To use them is very easy and can become addictive once you experience them. Directions of use are: Begin filling the tub with warm/hot water. Once the water has begun to fill, gently place the bath bomb in the water and watch the release of the pretty color while releasing the fragrant scents and oils. The bath bomb will roll around the tub creating foamy fragrant bathwater. It’s your choice, you can let the bomb completely dissolve before getting in the tub, or get in and watch the colors and scent surrounding you in your bath. Sit back, soak, relax and enjoy your bath!


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